Artist Statement

Being a mixed media visual artist, an eye surgeon, and a multicultural mystic, I explore both existential personal questions, and more urgent collective issues such as ecological collapse, and polarization.

My creative process anchors in awareness, of the world and myself.

I engage in sketching, cutting, gluing, stitching, but predominantly painting with acrylic and oil, in expressive and abstract styles.

In a silent dialogue with the canvas I translate emotions and physicality into the medium of colors and textures, painting a journey beyond concepts and references.

My works range from expansive pieces characterized by broad, gestural brushstrokes that resonate with calligraphy, to more intricate and multilayered works that unveil a process of exploration.

My art aspires to serve as an unflinching visual portrayal of the world, inviting viewers to dream of a better future.

Artist CV
Born Strasbourg, France, lives and works in Tel-Aviv

1995 Medical Doctorate, Paris V University, France
2003-2024 Buddhism and consciousness studies
2010-2012 Japanese Calligraphy, Mountain and River Zen Monastery, Catskills, New York
2014-2018 Abstract painting, The Artist’s House, Tel Aviv
2022-2024 Painting, Hakolel Studio for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

Professional experience:
2015-2024 Head of Cataract and Glaucoma Center, Eye MC, Tel Aviv
2000-2017 Head of Glaucoma Unit, Ophthalmology Department, Assaf Harofe Hospital, Israel
2004-2019 Humanitarian missions in developing countries

Solo Exhibitions:
2020 ‘Permanent Change’, The Tower Gallery, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions:
2023 ‘Canvas’ International Art Fair, Venice
2023 ‘Interconnecting lines’, ARTIO Gallery, One Art Space, New York
2023 ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ Boomer Gallery, London

2021 ‘C.U.L.T.U.R.E C.L.A.S.H’ Installation as part of a dance performance, Berlin