Audrey Messas Artistic Bio

Audrey Messas is a French-Israeli mixed media artist from Moroccan descent who lives and works in Tel Aviv. 

Audrey works at an intersection of visual art- mostly painting -and embodiment practices. 

Being an active eye surgeon Audrey’s art offers a unique perspective on the body and on life and death.

She perceives and channels the world as a whole living organism, with its emotions and scars. 

Audrey’s work is anchored in Presence awareness and seeks to reveal human nature from a personal and global perspective.  

Her human size creations include acrylic and oil paintings, collages, calligraphy, textiles. Evolving work includes the creation of 3D characters addressing more urgent collective issues such as culture wars, polarization, and climate change.

From childhood onwards Audrey was drawn to dancing and writing to overcome othering and being torn between her colorful Moroccan Jewish home and the rigorous atmosphere  in Strasbourg. 

After finishing her medical training Audrey studied abstract painting at the artist’s house, and Hakolel Studio for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, and Japanese calligraphy in the Mountain and River Zen monastery in the Catskills (NY).

She has studied Buddhism, awareness practices and dance in Europe and the USA for the last 25 years.

In September 2020 Audrey had her first solo exhibition titled “Permanent Change” in Tel Aviv at The Tower Gallery, 35 artworks were presented.

In 2021 her Art Installation takes part of a Dance Performance C.U.L.T.U.R.E C.L.A.S.H at ada Studios in Berlin

Recently, Audrey has been selected to be on the Steering Committee of the international ‘CHAOS’ art project. 

This interdisciplinary art project is centered on the topics of art and trauma.