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Audrey Messas is a French-Israeli mixed media artist who lives and works in Tel Aviv. 

Audrey Messas.

About me

Being a mixed media visual artist, an eye surgeon, and a multicultural mystic, I explore both existential personal questions, and more urgent collective issues such as ecological collapse, and polarization. My creative process anchors in awareness, of the world and myself. I engage in sketching, cutting, gluing, stitching, but predominantly painting with acrylic and oil, in expressive and abstract styles. In a silent dialogue with the canvas I translate emotions and physicality into the medium of colors and textures, painting a journey beyond concepts and references. My works range from expansive pieces characterized by broad, gestural brushstrokes that resonate with calligraphy, to more intricate and multilayered works that unveil a process of exploration. My art aspires to serve as an unflinching visual portrayal of the world, inviting viewers to dream of a better future..

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Audrey Messas Artist Statement

As a mixed media visual artist, I engage with existential personal and collective questions. How is it to be in “a” body? Are we fully alive? Or to be extinct? How are we present or numb to ourselves and our world?

My creative process anchors  in awareness, and I track the emergence of inspiration while dancing and painting. Being an active Eye Surgeon for 25 years, and a mindfulness teacher, my art reflects an intimate moment to moment subtle sensing of life, a sense of space and fluidity, but also a mechanistic perspective on life.

My human sized 3D creatures, paintings, photographs are magnetic, colorful and textured. Sometimes unsettling, the work seek to replace the preconditioned stream of thought of the observer with the immediate experience of himself, the world and its traumas. The gentle embodied dialogue between the artist, the art and the observer is meant to become an incantation for our future.

My latest work

Beyond gender and species

2m x 1m acrylic on canvas, calligraphy, reversible sewing

"Don't look me in the eye"


Hope on Mount Kenya

130cm x 150cm acrylic on canvas

Art collaboration: Diana Schuemann & Audrey Messas

C.U.L.T.U.R.E C.L.A.S.H – DanceFilm

Concept & Direction: Diana Schuemann
Art Installation: Audrey Messas
Choreography & Dance: Diana Schuemann
Camera: Anton Tol
Editor: Lukas Bille

recorded at ada Studio Berlin – special thanks to Gabi Beier

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Audrey Messas

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